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EZ Roll™ Grassroad Paver™

EZ Roll™ Grassroad Paver™ is a load transfer paving system, designed to be rolled out over a class II compacted gravel road base, allowing for easy installation and savings on labor costs. The honeycomb cell paver design allows light to heavy vehicular traffic.

The EZ Roll Grassroad Paver transfers the vehicle weight load to the road base and prevents soil compaction that damages the root system of the grass. It promotes healthy root growth for sustaining turf.
EZ Roll Grassroad Paver can also be used for erosion control and helps prevents surface water runoff. The EZ Roll Grassroad Paver is sold in 24 and 150 feet rolls with the lateral snap lock system to connect additional panels or rolls together.

EZ Roll Grassroad Paver

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EZ Roll™ Grassroad Paver™

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