About Us

Irriland Corporation is a regional distributor of irrigation, drainage, lighting and water gardening products. Our strong relationships with national vendors, which have been solidified over the past fifteen years, allow us to provide expertise as well as product when needed.

Just as we have built relationships with many national vendors in our industry, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers. We offer a commitment to customer service and technical support that goes beyond the sale.

Our customer service is the basis of our business coupled with support that guarantees your next project will be successful. That is our goal – to assist your customer’s needs. In addition, Irriland offers basic and advanced seminars to help you in this changing business and economic environment. Training can be the key to your success and in this region the market is young and growing. We want to help you grow and in turn will support your needs with strong customer service that will keep your business expanding.

Our Services

Irrigation Systems

We here at Irriland Corporation, understand that you have the freedom to choose what...

Drainage Systems

As seasons change a vital aspect of landscaping becomes managing runoff and drainage...

Erosion Control Products

Irriland works closely with many vendors to provide the highest level of customer service...

Landscape Lighting

Low voltage lighting systems offer the greatest versatility with up to 1,000 fixture combinations...

Irriland Corporation is the regional distributor for irrigation, drainage, lighting and water gardening products.